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Holidays with a Difference

One of our central beliefs behind Lemmings Holidays is that we want all children to have a quality holiday experience. Take Summer Lemmings for example, the venue is amazing, set in over 40 acres of woodlands with large playing fields. We have sports, craft workshops, off-site activities and a whole host of team challenges that help children to grow and enjoy their time together. Whatever interests you, we are confident that we have something for your family or church.

What really sets us apart though is our commitment to Jesus, which is central to all of our holidays. We've found that sometimes today the Christian faith is presented as dull and boring, but we firmly believe that God wants the best for everyone and for them to live life to the full. At each of our holidays we give every individual the opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a real, relevant and pressure-free way. Lemmings provide environments where children feel accepted for who they are and can discover and question God's love for them whilst having an amazing holiday experience!

Lemmings is registered with the Charity Commission Charity Number 1108822